Art Therapy and NDIS Sessions

We support NDIS

At Blank Space Art Studio in Brisbane, we embrace the idea that art is therapy, but we also know that our studio can sometimes be really bustling – which may not be the environment most conducive to a person with specific needs having a calm session where they get to fully engage with their art. For this reason, we set aside time slots to support individuals with disabilities.  We won’t have any other types of workshops or sessions scheduled at the same time. We’ll still be open for the occasional walk-in participant, but we’ll do our best to maintain a calm and relaxed environment.

During our art therapy sessions, we’ll also have the background music playing a bit softer, and have it set to a more chilled out playlist. If there’s anything we can do to make you or the person in your care more comfortable, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you wherever possible.

What Makes Our Art Therapy Sessions Special?

Supportive Environment

While the sessions are self-guided, but we are always near-by to help out as needed to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the participant and their support companion.

Choice in mediums and textures

We provide a variety of art mediums, from messy paints to smooth clays, allowing each participant to express themselves in the way they feel most comfortable.

Engaging activities

Our art and craft activities develop fine motor skills and promotes cognitive abilities, not to mention the enhanced emotional and mental wellbeing coming from the creative process.

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