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Welcome to Blank Space Art Studio, where every color splatter tells a story, and every brushstroke ignites creativity! Here, blank canvases transform into masterpieces and ordinary days turn into extraordinary adventures. Dive into our world of DIY crafts and workshops, designed for every age and stage—from moms and tots to the elegant sip and paint aficionados. Discover the joy of creating, the peace of painting, and the laughter in learning. Because here, art isn’t just an activity; it’s a journey towards relaxation, self-expression, and unbridled joy. Let’s make something beautiful together!

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WHAT we create

… actually, what you’ll create!

Our three main artistic mediums which we provide as a base for your creation are canvas, MDF cut-outs and bisque ceramics. That said, in future we’ll be making all sorts of activities and artistic mediums available.

Blank (Space) Ceramics

A variety of designs to chose from.

Blank (Space) MDF Cut-Out

New designs added monthly.

Blank (Space) Canvas

Create your way




The studio

Blank Space Art Studio is designed with creativity and community in mind. Whether you’re engaging in a solo project, fostering creativity in your child or participating in one of our workshops, our space is tailored to enhance your artistic experience.

What we offer

Walk-in DIY sessions

Simply pitch up, pick your medium—be it canvas, ceramic, or an MDF cutout—and dive into the world of colors and textures. A studio fee unlocks the door to all the supplies you’ll need: endless paint, sparkling glitter, and various other adornments await to bring your vision to life.


Follow us on Instagram to keep informed on our exciting lineup of structured workshops. There’s a whole range planned from fun sessions to do with the kids to sip-and-create sessions to enjoy with a few mates.

Parties and events…

… we make it happen. If you’re looking to host an event that’s a bit different and loads of fun, talk to us about how we can help you put it all together at our venue.

Our Team.

Mom and Daughters…………..


Chief Imagination Officer


Vibe Visionary


Innovation Instigator


Inspiration Architect

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